Amos Story


A brief introduction about yourself

My name is Tsavhemba Amos. I currently reside in Benin. I was born into a Christian home and a Catholic.

How will you describe your life before you tried Alpha?

I wake up every day going about my daily task having little or no time for God. Sometimes I feel neglected by God because of some challenges that came my way. Sometimes I do ask if God has abandoned me.

How did you hear about Alpha?

About three years ago, I was running a National Diploma program at Yaba College of Technology when a friend and course mate of mine, Philip invited me to Alpha and I decided to try it because I knew I would benefit from it hugely

How was the experience on Alpha?

When I came on Alpha, it helped me understand the infinite love God has for his children and that God never abandons his children rather we are the people who withdraw from God’s presence…

What changes did you experience on Alpha?

I became more interested in reading the Bible. I became more interested in knowing my faith, as I always ask Philip series of questions concerning the faith. We both started going to chapel together after lectures to pray.

I was always ready to defend my faith then and when it’s beyond my power, I rush to Philip for support. Philip through Alpha impacted in me a lot. Thanks to Alpha.

How has your Christian life been now a few years after?

My experience has been great after Alpha. I now live with the belief that God is always there for me and I should always love others as myself.

What do you like about Alpha?

Alpha brings people together, people of different races, culture, denominations, understanding etc

Alpha is a great tool for reaching out to young people like myself and I recommend it anytime for anyone because am a living testimony of it.

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