My Experience running Alpha for Youth in Port Harcourt – Reverend Nseobong

Alpha: Kindly introduce yourself

Rev Nseobong: I am Rev. Nseobong Akpan Edemeka, Associate Pastor, Children/Teens, Pinnacle Baptist Church, Port Harcourt.

A: How long have you been at your current role?

RN: I have served in this role for over 9 years.

A: Describe your ministry experience before contact with Alpha

RN: I had difficulty helping teens understand the basic nature of the church of God, as experienced in the water baptism class I had with them. It took so much explanation and weeks of teaching for them to appreciate what God’s church is.

A: How did you get to know about Alpha?

RN: I got to about alpha through my worthy friend and brother, Aribiton Awoju.

A: What changes did you see in your church/members after you ran Alpha?

RN: However, after we had the Alpha Study series, a lot of the teens began to see the church in a different light. A paradigm shift had occurred! They saw the church as a family relationship, amongst others. And this had imparted tremendously on their attitudes to churchmanship.

A: To you, what are the things that stand Alpha out

RN: The simple but profound way of presenting the truths of God’s Word stands Alpha out. Also, the concept of alpha, which is geared towards ensuring the unity of God’s Church. Again, the promotion of fellowship among members of each small groups.

A: Is there a story of impact (of a particular person) you wish to share

RN: I love the way one of my teens, Emmanuella has developed a great passion for God’s presence. I believe it’s a result of the teaching on the Holy Spirit we had during one of the Alpha sessions.

A: Going forward, how would you want to take advantage of this tool in discipling young people in the neighbourhood?

RN: I have already discussed with Aribiton on the need to run alpha series on the teens’ graduates forum, those young adults in their twenties. Discussion is still ongoing. However, when we are done, we will introduce Alpha to prospects of our church who interact with our teens through the various clubs that we are floating

A: What would you say to any pastor who is sceptical about running Alpha due to exisiting programme they already have in the church and considering the fact that Alpha is not very known to them?

RN: Just give it a shot. There’s a dimension to church Bible study that Alpha presents. Pastors should take advantage of this new approach, this paradigm shift to improve the quality of Bible study in their churches. A trial will convince you.

A: Do you have any general comments?

RN: I look forward to when there will be Nigeria version of the Alpha youth series made in Nigeria or pidgin English, contextualising it better for the Nigeria Youth. I believe this will help the youth relate with and understand the message better. The videos series will also become relevant in the rural comunities and not just the cities

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